Ask me anything..

Simple sessions start at $450 with a two hour minimum. Wedding photography is based on location and availability. Send me a message with your date and locations for a complete price break down.
If I have your date available, we simply need to set up a time to meet. We can meet in person or over the phone. You can make a deposit after we get the contract set up and I’m yours! We can also set you up with a payment plan if that’s easier.
I currently shoot with a couple of Canon Rs. My most used lens is a Canon 50mm 1.2 L series lens. I also have a variety of lenses for wide or long lens shooting. I have a canon speedlight, lots of fun light toys and a few awesome tricks for creating in camera magic.
After everything is processed to look extra amazing, I put all of your photos into your own custom gallery online. You will be given a super secret download code which will enable you to browse and download at your own convenience.
We will work together on the schedule of the day. It’s important to know when and how we are going to get all the photos that you want.
Yes. I always shoot family photos and formal group shots. I tend to show more of my creative and abstract work on my site, but I also get plenty of traditional shots.
I usually shoot alone, however I like using a second shooter when it’s a large wedding, or a formal wedding. If it’s a small, or less formal wedding, I have no problem shooting alone.
Maybe, If they are about cameras or photography I probably can. I can also answer the billions of questions google will tell you to ask me. Fire away!

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